Curse IV

One of the musical features of this year has been the lockdown video. Been tons of great ones and here are three that spring to my mind today. Scottish songwriter/composer C Duncan was one of my favourite discoveries last year although he was already on his third album Health by then. He produces beautifully rich... Continue Reading →

Skin Machine – Circu5 (single review)

It is thanks to bands such as Circu5 that the term prog has shaken off some of its old image and is becoming cool again. Following in the footsteps of bands such as Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre and Muse, it through blending the tight and to-the-point aggressiveness of alt-rock with the more thoughtful and a more measured... Continue Reading →

Curse III

An unashamed spooky post written on November 1st because for some of us, it is Halloween all year round. One of my favourite recommendations is the Trunk record label, a treasure trove for seekers of esoteric nostalgia. Get on Johnny Trunk's mailing list and you get a 50p per album download offer ever Friday. This is... Continue Reading →

The Minit – Fred Abong (single review)

There is a something both wonderful and scary about the way Fred Abong’s voice reaches out to the listener on his latest track, The Minit. It’s like someone leaning in to speak to you directly and comes across as both intimate and slightly unnerving, direct but uninvited and leaving you with the feeling that someone has... Continue Reading →

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