Curse I

Fanfare! Who would have thought it?? There is actually a new Sanguine Hum album A Trace of Memory due for release in November 2020 on Bad Elephant.

This album has it’s roots in some abandoned summer 2018 sessions that were resurrected when unforseen available time became available during the pandemic. Beautifully composed and executed, sample track The Yellow Ship serves as a fine example to the quality of the whole album. Soft waltzing acoustic guitar by Joff Winks reminded me of the atmosphere of David Sylvian’s Orpheus (this is a very good thing) which is joined by Matt Baber’s always gorgeous synths and electric piano as the track twists and gnarls it’s way through to it’s 13.07 conclusion. Matt is one of my favourite keyboard players, lovely arrangements and voicings. I got into Boards Of Canada because of him. A great album that has finally, unexpectedly appeared. 

I’ve also been listening to some as yet unrealsed electronic music by Matt, which is just as compelling as the new Hum. Some of his very fine solo music can to be found at his bandcamp page.

If you feel so inclined, do check out the track Main theme from Outskirts. I was so taken by this piece, I asked Matt if I could do a remix type thingy of it it. He graciously said yes but in the end I was so enamoured by it, I couldn’t think of anything I could do to add further spice so I abandoned the idea. It was just perfect as it was. He’s also a great drummer – even when recording direct to iphone! 

Speaking of favourite keyboard players, I was listening to Adrian Bell’s Progressive Alternative radio show (all archived here on mixcloud btw yes, that does say belch, don’t worry….) and I heard William D Drake’s (of Cardiacs, Sea Nymphs and brilliant solo album fame) piano/organ guesting on this lovely track Freakshow by Stephen Evens. 

I was very pleased to see author / long time underground prog reveiewer Kevin Rowland has completed his three volume series of books The Progressive Underground this year. This ambitious series rounds up his archive of reviews 1991 – 2006 of the underground scene from his Feedback fanzine. I clearly remember reading and enjoying them back then and Kev continues to be a consumate supporter of the scene to this day. If labels like SI, Cyclops plus a whole host of others of their ilk and their acts mean anything to you, your interest will surely be piqued by these books, Here’s a link to the latest, Vol 3, on Amazon

My most watched video this week is Bill Nelson’s fab new wavey tune Do You Dream In Colour? from 1980. So good. Bill is a powerhouse prolific releaser of music. A lesson to us all.

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