Scene and Heard: I Love You In The Morning – Paul McClure

Paul McClure, the “Rutland Troubadour,” has been making gorgeous, charming, delicate, witty and all round ace folk music for as long as I, and perhaps he, would care to remember. But great music, and great musicians for that matter, never goes out of fashion and his lovely lilting lullabies and fully-formed folkery remain popular no matter what transient zeitgeist or short-lived sonic fad is whistling past overhead. Why? Because he has taken a classic form, made it his own and as the saying goes, if it aint broke…well, you know.

And perhaps as we head into another week of uncertainty and insanity, it is the perfect time to spread around this gorgeous and wonderfully sentimental slice of sonic gold. Knowing that you are loved is the most powerful motivation known to mankind and perhaps more so than ever, counting our blessings is an important thing to do. This is the perfect reminder.

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