Young Adult Fiction – you.Guru (album review)

Electronicy, Loopy, Eastern Blocy and experimental are what initially come to mind when this recording is played. But its much much more than that.

It feels like it is coming from a transitory place where the musical world has been stopped in order to regroup and re-evaluate.

This feels very current. Very pandemic. It seems locked up and locked in. Its the exact sort of thing I’ve been searching for as a backdrop for the strange thing that is 2020.

The sonic picture broadens throughout the piece like a well built set but without feeling in any way contrived or manufactured just to be crowd pleasing.

I’ve felt compelled to listen to this several times in order to appreciate the richness of the soundscape. There’s a lot of small stuff going on in the background and that gives this recording significant longevity. I expect to still be surprised by discovering new sounds and nuances even after the 100th play.

Hope they get a chance to come to the UK cos I for one would love to see and hear them play this stuff live.

Oh! And of course it’s almost bang on perfect at 40 minutes long.

(review courtesy of Marcus Kittridge)

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