Curse III

An unashamed spooky post written on November 1st because for some of us, it is Halloween all year round.

One of my favourite recommendations is the Trunk record label, a treasure trove for seekers of esoteric nostalgia. Get on Johnny Trunk’s mailing list and you get a 50p per album download offer ever Friday. This is from the man who released the stunning soundtrack to British folk horror classic Blood On Satan’s Claw by Marc Wilkinson which is currently available on offer.

Follow this link for bargains gallore 

I just discovered the soundtrack to Virgin Witch by Ted Dicks and it is lovely pop / baroque horror cymbalome soaked score. If you want to get further into the Trunk library, they do limited vinyl releases too, although I miss the days when they did CD releases as I am old new school and prefer CDs. And don’t have a turntable. 

This reminds me…. My old art college pal Simon Davis has a great folk horror musical project called Forktail. Simon has made his name as a superb portrait artist and comic artist but has kept his hand in music too with fellow 2000 AD artist Boo Cook releasing brilliant dark folk horror soundscapes. They also play comic cons too and their bandcamp page has a live recording from Oribital comics with an expanded line up.

Here is a lovely video by Kirsten Morrison, who is so mysterious, that I had a chance meeting with her in Avebury long after we’d long met in cyberspace. Called Double, Double, Toil And Trouble, the track is based on Macbeth and features additional witches’ chants from Lene Lovich, of whose band, Kirsten is a member. 

Kirsten’s wonderful composition, vocals and violin playing can all be heard on her bandcamp page:

And finally, here’s two highly recommended Halloween radio shows choc full of creepy proggy, gothic treats that are still available via Mixcloud:

From Ian Fairholm (Eppy Gibbon) – The Living Dead. Show number 296! Incredible dedication to the cause (and that’s not including his Eppyfests). Includes an enchanting new gothic folk tune Bright Hucclecote by Rebsie Fairholm & Marvin B Naylor.

From Adrian Bell – Grim Halloween. Show number 178! (Getting there… :D)

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