2020 – Norrisette (e.p. review)

If you were to consider music in terms of writing, as perhaps sonic pen strokes on a musical page, then Norrisette’s 2020 is the equivalent of stunning calligraphy but also written in a somewhat off-beat and otherworldly hand. Some people just make music to merely communicate or lift spirits, Norrisette seems more concerned with enthralling and beguiling the listener than with such workaday goals.

Right from the off this small but perfectly formed e.p. offers enticing soundscapes, A Face That Isn’t You which opens proceedings being a supple and subtle weave of almost classical grace and strange, off-kilter sonics, ambient delights and jarring inclusions.

And having laid out her calling card she then continues to push even her own far-flung music boundaries to their limits. Wish That I Could is a gorgeous vocal concoction, a cappella except for its sparse, almost industrial beats and sounds, Secret Code is angelic and truly ethereal and Leaves is wilfully discordant whilst also being genuinely haunting and at times its gossamer threads almost floating out of ear-shot all together.

2020 is strikingly unusual, it wonderfully subverts regular genre or easy label, it is heady, emotive and utterly gorgeous. 2020 my have been a terrible year but it is a fantastic collection of songs.

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