Invisible Man – Fred Abong (single review)

What better way to announce a forthcoming full-length album than with a cracking new single, especially if you can also call in your long-term musical buddies to help with the workload. To this end, Fred Abong has unleashed not one but two videos, one lyricocentric, the other a more visually narrative based affair, filmed by none other... Continue Reading →

The Fever – Thrillsville (single review)

Ahead of a new e.p. Say Goodbye to the Light, Thrillsville delivers a cool slice of dirge-disco, one part industrial edge, one part gloom-beat…is that a thing… let’s assume it is…one part sultry and twisted electronica. It’s a dark and sullen affair, one which is strangely addictive too but then it is that element of danger... Continue Reading →

Skin Machine – Circu5 (single review)

It is thanks to bands such as Circu5 that the term prog has shaken off some of its old image and is becoming cool again. Following in the footsteps of bands such as Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre and Muse, it through blending the tight and to-the-point aggressiveness of alt-rock with the more thoughtful and a more measured... Continue Reading →

The Minit – Fred Abong (single review)

There is a something both wonderful and scary about the way Fred Abong’s voice reaches out to the listener on his latest track, The Minit. It’s like someone leaning in to speak to you directly and comes across as both intimate and slightly unnerving, direct but uninvited and leaving you with the feeling that someone has... Continue Reading →

Brittleness – Blank (single review)

You can tell that an artist really understands the power of music when they are able to deliver tracks which are about mood rather than melody, anticipation and atmosphere rather than anything as unimaginative as lyrical hooks and the usual pop and rock gimmicks. Brittleness is just such a track, a drifting collage of textures... Continue Reading →

Acid Rain – MOAT (single review)

Considering the melancholic and almost baroque nature of previous single Gone By Noon, Acid Rain is the perfect follow up track. In may ways it is the perfect contrast to the mood of that previous outing, opting for a more confident and vibrant beat, a more energetic and obvious groove. Although these are enough touches of... Continue Reading →

Traversal – Josh Werner (single review)

Once you hear the term “dreamweaver” used to describe Josh Werner, it is difficult to think of him needing any other name. Musician seems to undersell the minimalist majesty and ambient grace of his music. Bassist also seems to give the wrong impression, even though it is the predominant instrument in this composition, in the same... Continue Reading →

The Last Dive – Ethan Gold (single review)

As the world moves ever onwards, every advantageous advance is perhaps balanced by an irrevocable loss. Technology constantly replaces tradition and although things might get more logical, easier to access, more conformist, in doing so the world often loses some of its weird charm and its brilliant quirkiness. Nostalgia is indeed not what it used... Continue Reading →

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